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Solar Panels for Offices

With more and more offices opting to make the switch to renewable energy, commercial solar panels have become a desirable attribute for businesses. Here at Callidus, we provide offices across the UK with an easy way of transitioning to solar energy as a low maintenance alternative to energy produced from fossil fuels.

Commercial solar panels are an attractive option for offices looking to benefit from producing their own clean energy on site. As well as this, there is also the potential to attract significant return on investment in just a few years.

When you choose Callidus, we offer the choice of adding battery storage to the installation for ultimate energy efficiency. With over eleven years of service, our expert team of professionals are spearheading the mission for cleaner energy, one office at a time. If you are interested in our installation services, request a quote from us today.

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Renewable Solar Energy for Offices

Many businesses are now starting to change how they use and consume energy as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policy. Offices that switch to commercial solar panels can benefit from making their commitment to ethical energy consumption clear to staff and clients alike.

With many businesses and offices working towards Net Zero, clients will be looking at their supply chain to ensure they are working with responsible partners. In addition to this, recent years have seen a sizable increase in staff that wish for a responsible company. Commercial solar panels for offices can be an assurance of environmental responsibility.

With our extensive experience and expertise, Callidus are the ones to call for commercial solar panels for offices. Whether located near us in Newton Abbot in Devon or further afield, we can help your office benefit from solar energy. Get in touch to request a quote today.

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Why Choose Callidus?

With our head office in Newton Abbot in Devon, Callidus are one of the UK’s leading purveyors and installers of commercial solar panels. With over eleven years of service, we have extensive experience installing solar panels for offices. Our deep roots within the industry mean we can provide a seamless transition to the world of renewable solar energy.

Whether offices are close to us in Newton Abbot in Devon or based further afield, we are here to offer our installation services. We have previously worked across Bristol and Wiltshire, down through Somerset and into Cornwall, Dorset and Hampshire, making us the ideal choice for helping make the switch to cleaner energy.

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Site Visit & Survey


Battery Storage

Site Visit & Survey

An initial meeting will let our team know more and gather the relevant information on how the office uses energy and what output the commercial solar panels will be expected to deliver.

We will need to visit the site in question to get a clear idea of any specific requirements or environmental factors that will need to be taken into account during the design process. Everything from the physical space available to the positioning in relation to the sun will have to be considered when creating a detailed design.

Both parties need to agree on the price and design in principle, and then we will conduct a thorough site survey. We will also ensure any necessary permissions are in place before producing a project plan and commencing the installation.


Our fully trained Callidus engineers design and install every office project. Before we can fit the solar panels themselves, we must first fix the mounts to support them. Depending on the individual requirements of the office building, we can use roof ground mounts or flush mounts to keep them safe and secure.

To allow maximum solar energy intake, our solar panel systems are best positioned in a south facing direction, although east and west facing should still be sufficient for offices. No matter the size or scale of the project, our team of professionals will ensure a smooth installation process with minimal disruption to offices.

Battery Storage

If the project has been designed to include battery storage, we will safely connect the units to the commercial solar panels onsite. With many businesses reliant on constant, steady power, battery storage can be the perfect addition to offices’ commercial solar panel systems.

Wholesale gas is constantly rising in price and in turn, affects the direct cost of electricity for offices across the UK. With battery storage, opting to keep excess energy for future use rather than sell back to the grid for SEG payment can be a more cost effective alternative that allows you to stay in control of your energy usage.

If you are interested in our installation services for offices or would like to know more about our services, request a quote by contacting us today. Based in Newton Abbot in Devon, we install commercial solar panels for offices nationwide. Alternatively, you can take a look at our shop with worldwide shipping.


Happy Customers

The guys at Callidus were all fantastic. We had lots of questions before we had our solar power system installed, and all our many emails were answered very efficiently. The on site team did a really tidy job, and went through how we would use the system. We were very apprehensive about having an off grid system, and had different companies come to quote for the job. We went with Callidus because of the whole package that they offered, which includes their after sales help. We are very happy with the set up and it fulfils all that we asked for, very happy bunnies.

Maxine Heard

We live off grid in Cumbria and wanted to upgrade our electricity supply. We contacted Callidus and they were very happy to work with us. With excellent two way communication they designed the perfect system for us which is easily expandable if we should need it in the future. They were happy to design the system and supply us the parts for us to install ourselves. They programmed the system and were on the end of the phone to help with installation and getting the system up and running. Their after sales service is excellent. It has improved our quality of life no end.

Jack Beach

Fantastic customer service! Such incredibly helpful staff. Can’t rate them highly enough. Highly recommend this company. So helpful and really fast service. I spoke with Chris and Dave at a time when other staff where out and they went above and beyond to help.

Isobel Nancarrow

The entire team at Callidus, from the top to the bottom, are amazing. Knowledge, support, passion to place the customer and their needs at the centre of the process, throughout all phases. Clear explanations with realistic expectations; no over inflated figures to close out a deal. I am so satisfied with their approach that I have already completed an expansion of my system; NOT because it didn’t perform as promised, but in fact we are generating more than expected so have increased the battery storage!!

Marcus Rowe

I have just had an off grid solar system fitted by Steve and his team. It has been a completely stress free experience. Everyone was so professional, helpful and obliging, kind and friendly. I would recommend Callidus to anyone.

Tracey Hanks

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