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At Callidus, we realise that almost every form of farming and agriculture requires energy from the sun to create the everyday essentials we have come to rely upon. By working with customers in the Agricultural Sector, we offer the opportunity to further harness solar energy through high quality power alternatives throughout the UK.

Farms and agricultural facilities rely on many types of heavy machinery and complex equipment to keep daily operations running. Everything is dependent on a constant and steady source of power, from refrigeration warehouses to grain stores and even just interior lighting.

By choosing Callidus, we help provide that power with our reliable solar panel systems with optional battery storage. We can easily install solar panels on any farm or agricultural facility with the utmost care and minimal disruption with our expert installers.

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Why Choose Callidus?

Callidus are based in Newton Abbot in Devon, and we are one of the UK’s leading purveyors and installers of solar panels with MCS, CHAS, NICEIC, RECC and TrustMark certifications. We have previously installed solar panel systems for farming and agricultural facilities nationwide.

We have worked across Bristol and Wiltshire, down through Somerset and into Cornwall, Dorset and Hampshire. When we install solar panel systems for farms and agricultural facilities, we will always do our best to work around your daily operations to ensure minimal disruption.

Whether the farming or agricultural facility is close to us in Newton Abbot in Devon or further afield, Callidus can help you discover the benefits of solar and renewable energy. Request a quote from us or get in touch with us today to find out more.

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Site Visit & Survey

The first step is to arrange an initial meeting to allow us to gather information about the farm or agricultural facility in question and how it uses energy.

We will visit the site to get an informed idea of any requirements or environmental factors that need to be considered. Each of these will affect the system’s design, from the physical space available to the property’s location in relation to the sun.

After the initial price and design have been agreed upon in principle, the next step is for us to conduct a full site survey to confirm the details and make any necessary adjustments to the design. We will ensure all permissions are in place and then produce a project plan before commencing with installation for the farming or agricultural facility.

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When installing a solar panel system for farms and agricultural facilities, the first step is to fix the mounts that will support the solar panels themselves. Subject to the requirements of the individual property, we can use either roof ground mounts or flush mounts.

Depending on the space available on the farm or agricultural facility, large scale installations of solar PV panels on the ground may be possible. To ensure optimal performance, solar panel systems are best installed in a south facing direction for maximum exposure to the sun. Still, east and west facing can also be sufficient.

Battery Storage

We can also connect the solar panel system to the designated battery storage if necessary to the project. With large amounts of heavy machinery and necessary appliances within farming and agricultural facilities, battery storage can be ideal for the solar panel system.

With wholesale gas constantly increasing in price and affecting the direct cost of electricity, battery storage provides an attractive alternative for farms and agricultural facilities. Rather than selling excess energy back to the grid for SEG payment, storing the energy for your own use can be more cost effective.

If you have any further questions on our installation process or what other products and services we offer, visit our Help Desk. Although based in Newton Abbot in Devon, our installation services are available nationwide, or you can browse our shop, which offers worldwide shipping.

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Although based in Newton Abbot in Devon, we offer our installation services across England and Wales and also deliver nationwide. We have worked across areas such as Leeds and Bradford, down through Essex, Surrey, Reading, Berkshire and into the South of England. Discover the benefits of renewable energy and request a quote today.

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