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If you are looking to harness the power of renewable energy for your business and capitalise on some of the fantastic benefits and free initiatives, speak to the expert team at Callidus

Today there is more pressure than ever before for businesses to take sustainability and environmental responsibility seriously. Increased business costs and greater future uncertainty further highlights why an investment in commercial solar installation should be a key consideration for businesses at all stages and sizes.

Did you know that Commercial Solar can be free for your business?

The even better news is that thanks to Power Purchase Agreements (PPA), a range of government incentives and advancements in technology, your business can reap the rewards of solar energy with limited or no financial burden of ownership.

So, with one business decision, you can significantly reduce your business costs, prepare for a more sustainable future and enhance future business prospects.

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There are few UK solar installers who have worked across the depth and scale of commercial solar projects as Callidus. Whether you operate a small agricultural holding or a huge manufacturing plant with multiple locations, we understand the importance of developing tailored solutions to meet the needs of every unique business challenge.

Callidus have installed systems for leading brands such as Kawasaki, The NHS, Fire and Ambulance services along with Hotels, care homes and businesses where loosing power is a real problem. Callidus can design and engineer a solution for every clients needs.

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Kawasaki in Plymouth, Devon

Commercial Solar Installation

The Cost of Commercial Solar

Solar Panels provide a lucrative opportunity for businesses of all sizes, helping to reduce business costs, build resilience and showcase your commitment to sustainability. With so many great benefits, it’s important to also understand the potential cost to your business.  

Every business is unique, with its own challenges and priorities, but when it comes to renewable energy, there are a huge number of options to fund commercial solar projects.  

In recent years, helped along by the government’s initiative to harness the untapped potential of commercial solar, the opportunity is perhaps more lucrative than ever. As investors, the government and business world look beyond cost and see the long-term prospects solar has to offer.  

At Callidus, with our 13-year legacy and strong track record for delivering quality commercial solutions for businesses of all sizes, our team are here to support you in making the right funding decision. We work in a range of locations throughout the UK, delivering projects throughout the South West, into the South East and increasingly as far as York in the North of England.  

So, no matter the size of your business, speak to the commercial solar experts at Callidus.  

Funding Options for Commercial Solar




Additional Funding Support

Funding Options for Commercial Solar

Whilst the idea of solar energy for your business may feel like a no brainer, with the significant sustainability and cost benefits it can bring to your company in the long-term, deciding how to fund your project from the offset can often become the most complex part of the process.  

From self-funding, through to support from government initiatives and PPA, there are funding solutions to suit businesses big and small.  

We advise you to consult with the expert team at Callidus to fully understand the options available to you, but you will find an overview of some of the main funding streams and cost guides below to help you get started.  

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If you are seeking true energy independence and are looking to fully reap the rewards of solar, there is no funding option that gives you more control than a self-funded project.  

A self-funded project refers to an initiative where the business invests its own capital in solar panels and related infrastructure instead of relying on third-party ownership models like Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs).  

The core benefits of self-funded Commercial Solar


This approach provides unparalleled control over the entire project lifecycle, from system design to maintenance, allowing businesses to tailor the solar installation to their specific needs and objectives. With ownership comes the ability to make strategic decisions about the system’s size, technology, and maintenance schedule, ensuring optimal performance and long-term reliability. 

Cost Savings 

The primary advantage of self-funding lies in the significant cost savings over the project’s lifespan. While upfront costs may be higher compared to third-party financing options, the absence of interest payments, lease fees, or other financial charges results in a quicker return on investment. Moreover, businesses can take advantage of various incentives and tax credits, which can substantially reduce the overall cost of the project.

Energy Independence

In the longer term, a self-funded commercial solar project offers numerous benefits that contribute to energy independence and financial sustainability. Lower operating costs (compared to traditional grid electricity) and helping to protect against future energy price volatility.

Appreciation of Asset Value

The solar installation adds value to the property, contributing to the overall asset value. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses owning their premises. 

 Sell unused energy back to the grid

Excess energy generated can be sold back to the grid, creating an additional revenue stream. Some providers are currently offering £0.15p /kW for exported power.  


The positive environmental impact of solar energy aligns with corporate sustainability goals, enhancing the business’s reputation and potentially attracting environmentally conscious customers. 

Although there may be additional perceived risks associated with a self-funded project with a significant initial cost outlay, the long-term business rewards can be far greater as a result of taking this approach. In terms of the exact cost of a self-funded solar project, there are a huge number of variables at play, from size of installation and energy requirements, through to technology costs, compliance and labour costs. 

To find out more and to get a quote for your self-funded solar project, contact the commercial team at Callidus today.

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If your business requires long-term control over your solar energy supply and true energy independence but lacks the capital today for the initial investment for a self-funded installation, a business loan may be the ideal opportunity for your business.  

With so much opportunity and promise surrounding the power of commercial solar for reaching net zero targets, there are a growing number of loan options available from a vast variety of sources. Various types of loans are available, including traditional business loans, solar-specific loans, and Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) financing.  

To begin the process, businesses typically assess their viability for a loan by considering factors such as creditworthiness, financial stability, and the ability to demonstrate the project’s economic feasibility. The application process involves submitting financial statements, credit reports, and project details to potential lenders. Solar-specific loans may have more favourable terms and conditions tailored to the unique characteristics of solar projects. Once approved, the loan funds can be used to cover the costs of solar panels, inverters, installation labour, and other associated expenses. 

Advantages of loan funded commercial solar projects


Loan-funded projects provide businesses with greater control over system design, technology choices, and maintenance schedules. This flexibility allows for customization to meet specific energy needs. 

Ownership and Tax Benefits  

Businesses that take out a loan to fund their solar project retain ownership of the system, making them eligible for government incentives and tax benefits, such as the Investment Tax Credit (ITC). 

Long-term Cost Savings 

While loans involve interest payments, businesses can benefit from long-term cost savings compared to third-party ownership models. After repaying the loan, businesses enjoy reduced or eliminated energy costs for the remainder of the system’s lifespan. 

Appreciation of Asset Value

The solar installation adds value to the property, contributing to the overall asset value. This can be particularly advantageous for businesses owning their premises. 

Environmental and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Investing in solar energy aligns with environmental sustainability goals, enhancing a business’s CSR profile and potentially attracting environmentally conscious customers. 

Typical payback agreements for commercial solar loans involve monthly payments over a predetermined term, often ranging from 5-20 years. The repayment structure can vary, including fixed-rate loans with consistent monthly payments or variable-rate loans tied to market conditions. Businesses may choose a repayment plan that aligns with their cash flow and financial objectives. 

If you would like a better understanding of whether a loan or another financing option may be best for your business, speak to the expert team at Callidus for a bespoke commercial solar consultation.

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If the fear of a substantial investment at a time of greater uncertainty and rising business costs was something holding your back from investing in solar; fear not because there are fantastic initiatives providing your business with the ability to harness the power of solar for free. 

Unlocking the potential of Solar PPA’s

Solar power purchase agreements (PPA’s) or solar leasing agreements see solar service providers or investors cover the upfront cost of solar installation in return for a long-term agreement to purchase generated solar energy. These agreements enable a third-party to install, own and operate solar energy system on your property, providing you with a favourable rate for your business energy generation over a specified period. This enables your business to benefit from solar power without the burden of initial capital expenses, making solar energy more accessible and financially viable for your business. Every PPA is unique and typically ranges over a period of 10-25 years.

Callidus have access to a range of funders that could potentially back your project. Talk to us now and we can help speed up the process.

Although the potential business benefits of investing in Solar with a PPA are significant. It can be a complex process that requires careful planning and attention to ensure you get the most of this long-term agreement.

Typically, the creation of a PPA agreement requires the following phases.

Assessment and Feasibility Study

The process begins with a thorough assessment of a business’ energy needs and the feasibility and potential of solar installation on the site. This includes evaluating roof space, orientation, shading and energy consumption patterns.

Negotiation and Agreement Terms

Once the feasibility is established, negotiations occur between the business and your solar service provider. Terms are agreed upon, including the duration of the PPA, the rate at which the business will purchase the solar energy, and any escalation clauses. 

Site Survey and Design

After reaching an agreement, a detailed site survey is conducted to finalise the system design. This includes determining the optimal placement of solar panels and assessing any potential engineering challenges.

Financing and Installation

Your solar service provider secures financing for the project, covering the upfront costs of solar equipment, installation, and maintenance. The solar panels and associated infrastructure are then installed on your business’ property.

Operation and Maintenance

Once installed your solar service provider is responsible for the ongoing operation and maintenance of the solar system throughout the duration of the PPA. This ensures that the system operates efficiently and generates the expected amount of energy.

Energy Generation and Billing

Once the solar system is operational, your business begins purchasing the solar-generated electricity from your solar provider at the agreed-upon rate. This rate is typically lower than traditional utility rates, providing cost savings to your business.

Monitoring and Reporting

Your solar service provider typically installs monitoring systems to track the performance of the solar array. Regular reports may be provided to the business, detailing energy production and environmental benefits such as carbon offset.

End of PPA Term Options

At the end of the PPA term, you will have several options. You may choose to extend the agreement, purchase the solar system at fair market value, or have the system removed. The level of flexibility depends on the terms negotiated in the initial agreement.

Whilst PPA provides a huge opportunity for businesses, it does not come without risk. Choose an established solar installer with a proven track record like Callidus to help you understand whether PPA could be a viable option for your business and guide you through each step of the process. 

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Additional Funding Support

Additionally, government incentives, tax credits, and rebates aimed at promoting renewable energy adoption can further offset costs, providing businesses with a compelling opportunity to go solar at little to no upfront expense while enjoying long-term cost savings and environmental benefits. 


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Why Choose Callidus

Callidus are one of the UK’s leading purveyors and installers of solar panels for your home, based in Newton Abbot in Devon. We are proud to have installed more than 73,000 solar panels spanning the South West and beyond, supporting our growing domestic and commercial client base.

As your local solar experts, we have worked hard to build strong connections in the industry, ensuring the best quality products, always installed by our expert and knowledgeable team of installers.

The even better news is, we can offer you the best price in the South West Guaranteed.What are you waiting for?

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