Will Solar Panels Work During Power Cuts?

Will Solar Panels Work During Power Cuts?

Will Solar Panels Work During Power Cuts?

A power cut, also known as a blackout, is the loss of the electrical power network supply to the end user or homeowner. We usually associate power cuts with bad storms and electricity pylons being damaged; therefore, people in those areas are without power for days, sometimes weeks. But recently (Winter 2022), energy companies, National Grid and the government have advised that the UK may suffer power outages due to energy shortages. This would mean controlled blackouts to reserve power for the emergency services, but it would also mean the lights go out for most people. We all hope these power cuts will be short spells of no more than a few hours, so we don’t lose the food in our fridges and freezers, that people are not affected too severely, and the impact is minimal, but what if it is not? 

Callidus design and build off grid, on grid solar and battery storage systems across the UK for residential and commercial customers. Providing power from solar panels and then storing this power in lithium or lead batteries to be used when needed or in the event of a power cut. 

Our systems can work when the grid fails to allow ‘business as usual’ for most people. You should be more controlled when in a power cut situation, managing how much power you are using as none of us truly know when the power will come back on. 

The full Callidus solar system will allow the panels to continue to generate energy and power your property. Our panels will also direct the excess energy into your battery storage during a power cut. When many other homes are plunged into darkness, our customers can have full control over how they manage the energy supply from their solar installations. Additionally, it also means that properties with Callidus solar installations will be able to heat their homes with gas heating as a system’s pumps and electrical elements can continue to run. They can make hot drinks and cook food, their fridges and freezers continue to work, and they can still charge the all important mobile phone while scrolling through one of the many TV services. Many Callidus customers report they didn’t even know there had been a power cut in their area due to such smooth power flow from their battery storage. 

There is another far more serious element of power cuts for people who rely on electrically powered items, including lifting aids, stairlifts, mobility scooters and wheelchairs. These people need a constant supply of electricity and could find themselves in an unfortunate situation if there is a blackout. Callidus can assist with a system that can give peace of mind to its customers in the knowledge that they will not be without power if a blackout happens. 

If you want to learn more about solar panel systems and how they can support you, please go to www.callidus.co.uk and get a free no obligation quote by clicking ‘request a quote‘. If you need to speak to one of the team, please go through the process above and in the enquiry form, let us know that you would like a call first, and one of our team members will call you back. 

 We aim to make life easier for our customers during power cuts by supplying and installing efficient solar systems. We look forward to hearing from you.  


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