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The Benefits of Solar Panels

Callidus is one of the leading purveyors and installers in the UK regarding solar panels in commercial and residential sectors. We have installed solar panels across the country, including Exeter, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Devon, Cornwall and Hampshire. Our extensive range of experience has allowed us to be the most reliable team. Please request a quote today and contact us to find out more.

Solar panels provide your property with a cost-efficient solution. Due to excessive energy bills and rising energy prices, owners can benefit from the simplicity of solar energy and have a renewable solution. Stay in control of your energy usage with Callidus solar panels.

With various financial benefits for your property, you can be sure that it will be fitted with clean, green energy when installing our stunning solar panels.

As a renewable and carbon neutral energy source, solar panels can lower your carbon emissions, lowering your carbon footprint. Making a swift switch to renewable energy can create a sustainable energy source that can last for many years.

Solar panels can become even more efficient with battery storage for residential purposes. With suppliers such as Tesla and Victron, homeowners can reduce the need for power from the grid whilst benefiting from cheaper energy bills.

Meanwhile, commercial businesses can benefit from minimal environmental impact. Due to the ever growing ecological concerns, we can ensure that business operations have the best environmental effect possible. Take control of your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with commercial solar panels.

With the ability to generate free, clean energy, your property can be less reliant on energy – you can make exceptional savings when choosing Callidus solar panels. Due to these benefits, solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as the UK’s Net Zero Strategy is looking to decarbonise the UK economy to meet a net zero target by 2050.

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Protect your Exeter Property

From 2017 through to 2021, unit costs have risen by 67%, which will continue to rise with each energy price cap review. As energy bills are rising, it’s becoming one of the biggest commercial and residential property expenses. So if you are looking to reduce your finances, you can create a more valuable and profitable solution for your Exeter property.

The continuous rising prices are currently a worldwide issue. Still, you can be in control of your finances by investing in a solution that doesn’t just benefit your property but benefits your pockets too. Wherever you are based in Exeter, we can help you take advantage of solar energy with our renewable solar panels.

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Why Choose Callidus?

Even though Callidus is based in Newton Abbot, Devon, we have installed commercial and residential solar panels across many areas in the UK, including Exeter, Bristol, Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset, and Hampshire and Cornwall. We are one of England and Wales’s leading purveyors and installers of solar panels with MCS, NICEIC, RECC, CHAS and TrustMark certifications.

For solar panel projects which require our installation service, we can work around your schedule to ensure that you get the very best smooth and hassle free process with minimal disruption. We can help meet your desired standards and policies, making it easier to get the very best installation possible for your Exeter property.

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With the ability to oversee and control each aspect of your Exeter property, you can become more efficient and sustainable, lowering your carbon footprint. Wherever you are situated, solar panels can be the perfect way to utilise the overall potential of your property – it’s never been easier to achieve the very best energy usage.

Solar panels are renowned for creating a renewable and highest energy source in standard conditions, especially monocrystalline. When you choose Callidus, we can ensure that your panels are installed to the required size for the highest quality performance.

How Solar Panels Work

Commercial solar panels consist of solar cells, mainly made of silicon layers and a semiconductor material made from sand. When light enters the cells, the photons are absorbed, causing the electrons to move within the silicon layers – the rapid flow of the electrons provides insane electrical and renewable power.

Meanwhile, residential solar panels are slightly different. The most common configuration is a grid system which makes the installation straightforward – connecting to the grid and using it for supply and backup power. Reducing the need for power from the grid, residential Exeter homeowners can benefit from a significantly lower bill at the end of the year.


Once your installation has been completed, we can give you a walkthrough, demonstration and example of how your new product will benefit your property.

We can offer over the phone support or remotely log onto your system to take control of any updates or changes. Otherwise, we offer a site visit for any other questions. As a leading installer of solar panels, we are here to ensure that the switch to solar energy is as seamless as possible for your Exeter usage.

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For further information on either our commercial or residential Exeter solar panels, feel free to contact our team on 01626 905 454 or email us at, and we can help however we can.

Otherwise, you can look at our Help Desk for more information on our products – get in touch with our team and find out how your property can benefit from such incredible, renewable energy sources.


Happy Customers

The guys at Callidus were all fantastic. We had lots of questions before we had our solar power system installed, and all our many emails were answered very efficiently. The on site team did a really tidy job, and went through how we would use the system. We were very apprehensive about having an off grid system, and had different companies come to quote for the job. We went with Callidus because of the whole package that they offered, which includes their after sales help. We are very happy with the set up and it fulfils all that we asked for, very happy bunnies.

Maxine Heard

We live off grid in Cumbria and wanted to upgrade our electricity supply. We contacted Callidus and they were very happy to work with us. With excellent two way communication they designed the perfect system for us which is easily expandable if we should need it in the future. They were happy to design the system and supply us the parts for us to install ourselves. They programmed the system and were on the end of the phone to help with installation and getting the system up and running. Their after sales service is excellent. It has improved our quality of life no end.

Jack Beach

Fantastic customer service! Such incredibly helpful staff. Can’t rate them highly enough. Highly recommend this company. So helpful and really fast service. I spoke with Chris and Dave at a time when other staff where out and they went above and beyond to help.

Isobel Nancarrow

The entire team at Callidus, from the top to the bottom, are amazing. Knowledge, support, passion to place the customer and their needs at the centre of the process, throughout all phases. Clear explanations with realistic expectations; no over inflated figures to close out a deal. I am so satisfied with their approach that I have already completed an expansion of my system; NOT because it didn’t perform as promised, but in fact we are generating more than expected so have increased the battery storage!!

Marcus Rowe

I have just had an off grid solar system fitted by Steve and his team. It has been a completely stress free experience. Everyone was so professional, helpful and obliging, kind and friendly. I would recommend Callidus to anyone.

Tracey Hanks

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