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The Benefits of Solar Batteries in Dartmouth

At Callidus, we are among the top leading installers and purveyors of solar systems. Feel free to contact us online to request your energy efficient quote for your Dartmouth property today!

We have been proud to be solar battery specialists since 2010, helping commercial and residential customers working across various sectors to get their dream solar batteries. With reliable, durable and high quality solar energy solutions, we are confident that all our valued customers will benefit from the advantages of a renewable energy source.

With this mindset, we constantly aim to help as many people as possible consider transitioning to a solar energy solution with no hassle whatsoever. Discover more and request your quote by contacting our team at Callidus today.

With our solar battery range, your property can be completely flexible. They are useful for homeowners looking for a brand new solution to keep the power they generate without the high usage. Create a power source that reserves energy for you at a time that suits you when you require it most: for example, in the evenings or when it’s overcast.

Solar batteries can help optimise your energy usage due to their immediate reaction. Whatever you need, solar batteries can get you there.

At Callidus, our lithium solar batteries can withstand an incredible 6000 cycles! Due to this, these cycles produce a lifespan of 16.4 years, ideal for wanting a long lasting solar solution.

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What is a Solar Battery?

Solar batteries are perfect for using a reliable energy source. You can increase your independence from the grid as Callidus will provide you with the correct information and advice to help you choose the right solar batteries for your Dartmouth property.

As your panels generate energy, properties will immediately use the electricity – or on the other hand, typically go to the National Grid. However, our off grid solar systems at Callidus have no connection to the grid whatsoever, which means that we offer the ultimate way to sustain the amount of efficient power you generate.

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Why Choose Callidus?

Without the connection to the National Grid, our power systems include a bank of durable solar batteries to store your power throughout the day. This power will feed it back to your Dartmouth property to create complete independence whenever you require it. Once you have powered your appliances, any excess energy left is then sent back to the solar batteries. Due to this, you are left with a renewable source of power without wasting any unneeded energy – perfect!

Our team of professionals will visit your Dartmouth property to go through a survey before the installation begins; this reveals the best route to follow regarding your systems and whether you will need solar batteries or not.

As a leading installer and purveyor in the UK with MCS, TrustMark, RECC, CHAS and NICEIC certifications, you can be confident that you are receiving the very best service for your requirements. Due to our incredible 11 years of experience, your property can be cared for with the right people by your side.

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Battery Storage

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With any of our solar batteries, it’s important to monitor them regularly to make sure that they are charging in the right way. For manual maintenance terms, like flooded lead acid – this is recommended to be done by a professional. Although most of our batteries are plug-and-play systems, this shouldn’t be an issue – although it’s essential to note that an average battery can weigh around 100kg!

Our solar batteries are very different from your Dartmouth home’s TV remote – these have cables and switches attached for monitoring and performance purposes. Pylon lithium batteries are stored in a cabinet of 4, which are much better for charging and discharging. However, they are sensitive to hearing as they have a limited working temperature of 15-25 degrees Celsius.

For further questions and queries, get in touch with our team today!

Battery Storage

As certified installers of Tesla, we offer the Tesla Powerwall 2, which can effortlessly store electricity to use later. This stunning design, alongside an incredible market performance cam, enables all Dartmouth property owners to have the best sustainable solution. With a fully integrated AC battery system, its rechargeable lithium-ion solar battery pack is ideal for a renewable energy source to complement your social panels.

Regarding a manufacturer, we can recommend Victron, who have over 45= years of experience; these are a must. Their solar batteries are incredibly user friendly and feature a remote control function via a Victron VRM. Monitor and control your system from anywhere at any time!

Smart Design

Depending on your requirements, you may need little or many solar batteries. However, our special software can design your system to ensure that you get the ideal amount of power based on your current power usage.

We have the option to add extra solar batteries if you do require them, as well as solar PV panels or an inverter to boost your power supply. Our team tests each component in a controlled environment to ensure you are getting a reliable, durable, and safe option for your Dartmouth property. Reduce your carbon footprint today!


For any other questions regarding our solar batteries, explore our Help Desk. Otherwise, get in contact with us, and we can assist you however possible.

Make your switch to solar energy completely seamless with Callidus today!


Happy Customers

The guys at Callidus were all fantastic. We had lots of questions before we had our solar power system installed, and all our many emails were answered very efficiently. The on site team did a really tidy job, and went through how we would use the system. We were very apprehensive about having an off grid system, and had different companies come to quote for the job. We went with Callidus because of the whole package that they offered, which includes their after sales help. We are very happy with the set up and it fulfils all that we asked for, very happy bunnies.

Maxine Heard

We live off grid in Cumbria and wanted to upgrade our electricity supply. We contacted Callidus and they were very happy to work with us. With excellent two way communication they designed the perfect system for us which is easily expandable if we should need it in the future. They were happy to design the system and supply us the parts for us to install ourselves. They programmed the system and were on the end of the phone to help with installation and getting the system up and running. Their after sales service is excellent. It has improved our quality of life no end.

Jack Beach

Fantastic customer service! Such incredibly helpful staff. Can’t rate them highly enough. Highly recommend this company. So helpful and really fast service. I spoke with Chris and Dave at a time when other staff where out and they went above and beyond to help.

Isobel Nancarrow

The entire team at Callidus, from the top to the bottom, are amazing. Knowledge, support, passion to place the customer and their needs at the centre of the process, throughout all phases. Clear explanations with realistic expectations; no over inflated figures to close out a deal. I am so satisfied with their approach that I have already completed an expansion of my system; NOT because it didn’t perform as promised, but in fact we are generating more than expected so have increased the battery storage!!

Marcus Rowe

I have just had an off grid solar system fitted by Steve and his team. It has been a completely stress free experience. Everyone was so professional, helpful and obliging, kind and friendly. I would recommend Callidus to anyone.

Tracey Hanks

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