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The Benefits of Battery Storage

We are based in Newton Abbot, Devon – and we are one of the UK’s leading purveyors and installers of home battery storage. With Victron and TESLA options available, you can ensure that you are receiving the very best home battery storage solution possible for your Exeter home. Discover more and contact our team today for your FREE quotation regarding your Exeter property.

At Callidus, we help residential customers to receive the very best service. Our durable, home battery storage systems can benefit all our valued Exeter homeowners and provide them with a renewable energy source that can last for decades. We strive to help as many people transition to solar energy sources with no hassle, adding value to their homes and yearly energy bills. To find out more, request a quote by contacting our team today!

A home battery storage solution can be used for both Off-grid and On-grid applications. It will charge from the grid from solar energy and provide your home with power during a power cut. Compatible with most of the available Hybrid inverters and ensuring over 6000 cycles, your home battery storage systems can be a long lasting and energy efficient solution for your property.

Your brand new home battery storage can even control a generator to start and stop! If you want to add extra solar panels, you can do so – contact our team, and we can advise you on the best solution for your Exeter home.

With a host of advanced features like an interrupted power supply, setting load limits and supplementing limited grid-power, this can all be controlled from your smartphone or device! Additionally, remote monitoring is also possible, allowing you to have the ultimate freedom to keep your systems under control and managed during the day.

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Protect against Rising Energy Costs

Home battery storage allows you to store solar electricity through solar panels in your Exeter home to use in the evening or later. Our team at Callidus will provide you with information and advice to help you choose the right home battery storage system for you.

As your home generates energy, properties use the electricity or go to the National Grid, which pays for the power. At Callidus, our off grid solar systems have no connection to the Nation Grid, meaning that this is the ultimate way to keep self-efficient power.

One of the biggest benefits of home storage systems is their impact on your electricity costs. You can back up your home with a system that avoids electrical retailers, creating a good, sustainable and renewable energy source for your home.

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Why Choose Callidus?

At Callidus, we are a leading purveyor and installer of off grid solar systems and home battery storage systems within the UK with CHAS, RECC, NICEIC, TrustMark and MCS certifications. With over 10 years of experience, you can be certain that you are getting the energy service you deserve to care for your Exeter property all year round whilst saving you money on your energy bills every year.

Our team of professionals will visit your property to go through a survey before the installation process begins; this will allow us to access the best route to follow regarding installing your new solar system and whether a home battery storage unit is required.

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Upkeep and Maintenance Tips

Battery Storage

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Upkeep and Maintenance Tips

Pylon lithium batteries are stored in a purpose built home battery storage cabinet and come in banks of 4 – for further questions regarding our solar batteries, feel free to contact our team directly. Lithium batteries are much better at charging and discharging and prefer to be kept this way, although they have a limited working temperature. In other words, they are sensitive to hearing and work best between 15-25 degrees.

Your home battery storage systems can keep your solar batteries safe and protected. However, it is essential that you monitor them as best as possible, which is why our systems can be monitored from anywhere via any smartphone or device.

Battery Storage

Callidus always ensures that we provide all our Exeter customers with the best home battery storage units possible. We are all aware that energy costs are rising. Due to this, it’s important to consider battery storage as an alternative to exporting electricity.

As certified installers of Tesla, we offer the Tesla Powerwall 2, which means that you can effortlessly store excess electricity for later use in your home battery storage. Due to the innovative company design with the very best high quality performance, Exeter homeowners can enjoy the benefits of a reliable and clean energy source. As a fully integrated AC battery system, it’s rechargeable and ever-reliable Victron inverter/charger with Pylon lithium batteries, which can offer a life expectancy of over 10 years – perfect for complementing your residential solar panels.

Additionally, a manufacturer that we recommend is Victron. With over an incredible 45 years of experience, exceptional quality is inherent in every product. Their battery storage is user friendly and features a remote control function via Victron VRM. You can monitor your home battery storage from anywhere at all times!

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If you have any following questions regarding our home battery storage systems, look at our Help Desk page for reference to our solar products.

Otherwise, you can get in touch with us directly on 01626 905 454 or email us at, and we will assist however we can. We want to make the switch to solar energy as seamless as possible for your Exeter property.

We look forward to hearing from you soon!


Happy Customers

The guys at Callidus were all fantastic. We had lots of questions before we had our solar power system installed, and all our many emails were answered very efficiently. The on site team did a really tidy job, and went through how we would use the system. We were very apprehensive about having an off grid system, and had different companies come to quote for the job. We went with Callidus because of the whole package that they offered, which includes their after sales help. We are very happy with the set up and it fulfils all that we asked for, very happy bunnies.

Maxine Heard

We live off grid in Cumbria and wanted to upgrade our electricity supply. We contacted Callidus and they were very happy to work with us. With excellent two way communication they designed the perfect system for us which is easily expandable if we should need it in the future. They were happy to design the system and supply us the parts for us to install ourselves. They programmed the system and were on the end of the phone to help with installation and getting the system up and running. Their after sales service is excellent. It has improved our quality of life no end.

Jack Beach

Fantastic customer service! Such incredibly helpful staff. Can’t rate them highly enough. Highly recommend this company. So helpful and really fast service. I spoke with Chris and Dave at a time when other staff where out and they went above and beyond to help.

Isobel Nancarrow

The entire team at Callidus, from the top to the bottom, are amazing. Knowledge, support, passion to place the customer and their needs at the centre of the process, throughout all phases. Clear explanations with realistic expectations; no over inflated figures to close out a deal. I am so satisfied with their approach that I have already completed an expansion of my system; NOT because it didn’t perform as promised, but in fact we are generating more than expected so have increased the battery storage!!

Marcus Rowe

I have just had an off grid solar system fitted by Steve and his team. It has been a completely stress free experience. Everyone was so professional, helpful and obliging, kind and friendly. I would recommend Callidus to anyone.

Tracey Hanks

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